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We Only Export High Quality Dried Food Products
Dehydrated Food Manufacturer - Dry fruits, Edible Seeds, Beans, Sesame.
Long-term life comes from healthy products.
Dry Fruits
Speaking of health, we must be linked to our dried fruit, lower cholesterol, detoxify the intestinal tract, cancer prevention Speaking ofhealth, we must be linked to our dried fruit, lower cholesterol, detoxify the intestinal tract.
Dry Fruits for Sale
Dry Fruits
Edible Seeds
Under the sun, they are the products of nadtural, satisfy the energy and nutrients.
Edible Seeds for Sale
Edible Seeds
In addition to animal protein, our beans give people all the plant protein they need.
Beans for Sale
Leisure time, our healthy snacks, life indispensable food.
Sesame for Sale
Manda Food
Manda Food A warm food import and export grocer
Manda food is the porter of farmers, providing you with the best quality products, themost efficient service, to bring you the highest interests.
First-Class Ouality
The raw material from original base, strict and professional operation guarantee the first-class quality of goods.
Good Credibility
Good credibility arised from the past 18 years' commercial experience will make a very customer feel relied.
Considerate Services
Every customer will be satisfied with our considerate services from placine the order to receiving the goods.
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If there we company have the products you want to purchase,Please do not hesitate tocontact with us, we will respond you as soon as possible and provide you the best service.
we will send you the best quotation accroding to your purchase quantity and try to satisfy your requirements.
Accroding to the actural situation of the customers, send the best price and hope to cooperate again.
Provide a small quantity of samples according to customer's requirement
Both parties reach a satisfactory conclusionand sign a business contract.
Terms of Payment
TT(30% deposit by TT Or L/C
Product Production
Accroding to the order and begin to produce
We will deliver the goods as soon as possible.
Balance to be paid by copy of B/L
Prepare all the customs documents and Mailing original B/L
End of Transaction
Nice cooperation, Wish both of us Win-Win.
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