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What Are the Nutritional Differences Between White Sesame and Black Sesame?

Sesame seeds are very common in life, and they can be seen in the decorations on dishes and pastries. The nutritional value of sesame is very high and it has great benefits to the human body. But you know what? There are also grades between sesame seeds, and the nutritional value of black sesame and white sesame is different. Which one is better?white sesame seeds 1.jpg

Ⅰ. The nutritional value of black sesame

1. Promote hair growth and maintain hair. Black sesame seeds can promote the growth of our hair, because black sesame seeds contain folic acid, vitamin E, protein and other substances. These are the indispensable nutrients in hair growth. And this is also a common promotional advertisement for the black sesame seeds manufacturer.

2. Promote brain development. Black sesame seeds contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote the development of the brain to a certain extent and improve memory.

3. Take care of the skin. Black sesame seeds contain vitamin E and other nutrients, which have strong antioxidant properties and can lighten skin spots and make the complexion better.

Ⅱ. The nutritional value of white sesame

1. Prevent hair loss. The nemesis of hair loss is white sesame seeds. The various minerals in white sesame seeds can improve the condition of hair loss.

2. Anti-oxidation. Both white sesame and black sesame contain antioxidant substances such as vitamin E to make the skin better.

Ⅲ. Which is better, black sesame or white sesame?

Black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds have certain similarities in nutritional value and efficacy. They are both good health maintenance products, and proper consumption of them is beneficial to the body. In comparison between the two, black sesame has a higher nutritional value and a stronger effect.

For health maintenance, black sesame seeds are more widely used. But if it is used to squeeze oil, white sesame is better because it contains more fat.

Ⅳ. Recipes for health maintenance by eating black sesame seeds

1. Sesame porridge

Sesame porridge is the easiest way. The steps are simple, easy to operate, and do not require excessive skills. In addition, this approach can also exert the nutritional value of sesame.

But making sesame porridge is not to sprinkle black sesame directly into the porridge, but to grind the black sesame into a powder, and then cook the sesame powder and rice together until the rice becomes fragrant and soft. You can properly add some honey juice for seasoning, you can smell the fragrance of rice and the taste of sesame. This kind of porridge is delicious and healthy.

2. Egg white sesame crisp fritter

Our requirements for food are getting higher and higher, and the cooking methods of various foods are displayed before our eyes. Egg white sesame crisp fritter is a unique method, it is not difficult, and the materials used are also very simple.

First, break up the egg whites, put an appropriate amount of sugar and lemon juice in it to remove the fishy smell. Stir it well, add flour and stir, then add butter and cooked black sesame seeds, stir well and bake it in the oven until the surface is golden. Such food is crispy and delicious, and has high nutritional value.

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