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What Are the Functions of Walnuts?

The weather is getting colder and colder, and it's better to peel a few walnuts and eat them while staying at home watching TV. Most people only eat walnuts, and thinking about it now is really a big loss! Now, Inquiry walnuts for sale at bulk price.

1. The efficacy and role of walnut kernels

Black hair grows beautiful: Hair is one of the most important parts of women, and more and more white hair looks 10 years older! Walnuts are rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, which are closely related to hair. Eating two handfuls a day can nourish hair, make it black, shiny and strong.

Buffing the brain, strengthening the brain and making it smarter: walnuts can replenish the brain, not because it looks like a brain. The vitamins contained in walnuts have the effect of anti-oxidation, promote blood circulation in the scalp, speed up the delivery of oxygen to the brain and provide blood sugar levels, thereby improving the working efficiency of the brain.

Laxative and detoxification is slimmer: Walnut is a good medicine for constipation. It is rich in walnut oil and crude fiber.

Protect the heart and live longer: walnuts contain omega-3, which is rare in food, can reduce triglycerides, and have anti-thrombotic, anti-rhythmic, and vasodilatory properties. It is very effective in protecting the heart. There are many servings in the world. The dry fruits factory research report has confirmed it, and it is very reliable. The magical omega-3 also has the effect of relieving joint pain. Friends with arthritis can eat a handful of walnuts every day, which can play a role in adjuvant therapy, and joint pain is more comfortable.

2. The role and efficacy of peach shell

Relieve pharyngitis: Walnuts are not cheap, half a catty of walnut shells, so it hurts to throw the shells away. The walnut shell is so hard that it cannot be eaten directly, but boiling water with the walnut shell has the effect of moistening the lungs, relieving asthma, and relieving pharyngitis.

Bottom of flowerpot: Walnut shells are also useful in life. Friends who love to grow flowers can smash the walnut shells and put them on the bottom of the flowerpot for 3-5 cm. The walnut shells are breathable, water-permeable, and wear-resistant. 

Expired walnuts: If the walnuts have been stored for a long time, or if you accidentally buy a few bad walnuts, don't rush to throw them away. Mash the expired walnuts and steam them, put them in a pot with soil, cover them with 3 cm thick soil, turn them every other month and pour some water to become a natural fertilizer.

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