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The Shelf Life and Storage of the Mung Bean

Mung bean has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect. In summer, drinking some mung bean soup can make people feel very refreshing. Many people like to buy a lot of mung beans and eat them slowly. But mung beans have their shelf life like other foods, so how long is the shelf life of mung beans?

Ⅰ. How long is the shelf life of mung beans?

The shelf life of mung beans depends on the specific situation according to Manda mung bean factory.

1. Dried mung beans: if it is dry mung beans, they can be stored for more than two years, but the mung beans must be stored in a dry environment, and it is best to use plastic wrap to wrap the mung beans. Note that if the mung bean is moldy or moth-eaten, it cannot be eaten.

2. Fresh mung beans: if it is fresh mung beans, the shelf life is only about one month at most, because at this time mung beans contain a lot of water, and poor storage will lead to mold or insects.

3. Mung bean dessert: if mung beans are made into products such as snacks, they must be frozen or refrigerated, and the shelf life will be very short, usually only one week and at most half a month.

Ⅱ. How to keep mung beans from worms?

1. Wash the beverage bottle (select the appropriate size beverage bottle according to the stock of mung beans) to ensure that the beverage bottle is not damaged or leaked. Then dry the beverage bottle. After making sure the bottle is dry, take a funnel and pour the mung beans you need to store into the beverage bottle.

2. When all the green beans are filled, cover and tighten the bottle cap. Open the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, take out the freezer compartment drawer, and put the beverage bottle with mung beans in it. After putting the drawer back into the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, close the refrigerator door.

3. After 4 hours of freezing, remove the beverage bottle containing mung beans from the refrigerator. At this point, the pupae or larvae in the mung bean have been frozen to death. Every time you eat mung beans, after pouring out the mung beans from the beverage bottle, immediately close the bottle cap and tighten it to prevent the borers from flying in again. In this way, mung beans will no longer have worms.

4. Put the mung beans in the net, soak the net and mung beans in boiling water, and stir quickly for half a minute to kill the worms and worm eggs. Immediately pour the mung beans into ice water to cool, and place the cooled mung beans in the sun until dry. Pack the mung beans in a moisture-proof box with good confidentiality, so that the mung beans will be kept free of insects for at least half a year. In addition, storing mung beans in a vacuum environment will improve the preservation quality of mung beans.

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