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The Effects and Taboos of Pumpkin Seeds Kernel

Pumpkin seeds kernels are the seeds of pumpkins and are edible after collected and dried in the sun. They can reduce blood sugar and quench thirst, and achieve anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects. Having pumpkin seeds kernel appropriately can do good to our health. 

1. The effects of Chinese pumpkin seeds

1) Facilitate detoxification. Pumpkin seeds kernel is rich in pectin and vitamins, which can absorb harmful substances and toxins and can remove radioactive elements in human body. 

2) Protect the gastric mucosa and help digestion. The pectin in pumpkin seeds kernels can also protect the gastric mucosa from being irritated by rough foods. The speed of ulcer healing can become faster because of it. Some ingredients of it can also make the intestinal tract move faster and secrete more bile, so that food can be digested and absorbed better.

3) Lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes. Pumpkin seeds kernel can fasten metabolism, and promote the hematopoietic function. It plays a role in the synthesis of vitamin B2 in human body and provides an important microelement for insulin cells, which can prevent diabetes.

4) Eliminate carcinogens. Pumpkin seed kernels can inhibit the mutation of nitrosamines, and have anti-cancer effects. The function of the kidney and liver can be restored, and the regeneration ability of liver cells and kidney cells will be stronger.

5) Promote growth. Pumpkin seed kernels are also rich in zinc, which participates in protein synthesis and nucleic acid synthesis. It is also an indispensable component of adrenal cortex hormones, so it can facilitate the growth and development of human body.

2. The benefits of Chinese pumpkin seeds

1) Pumpkin seed kernels contain a large amount of pantothenic acid, which can alleviate resting angina, and reduce blood pressure. Eating raw pumpkin seed kernels also has a good effect on improving urinary frequency and premature ejaculation. It also contains very rich vitamin E and vitamin B1, which can prevent cell aging and stabilize people's mood. Some diseases of adults can be effectively prevented, too.

2) Pumpkin seeds kernels can relieve insomnia. It can improve memory effectively, too. You can also eat some pumpkin seeds kernels to nurse your body when troubled with weak spleen and stomach, prolonged sickness, deficiency of vital energy and diarrhea, etc.

3) China pumpkin seeds can improve or prevent men's prostate diseases. The reason is that there are still a lot of zinc in it. Generally, men's prostate diseases are caused by the decrease of zinc in bodies, so it is suggested that pumpkin seeds kernel should be eaten more in an appropriate range.

4) Eating pumpkin seeds kernel can prevent thrombosis, eliminate hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia, and resist oxidation in the body. There are a lot of phospholipids in pumpkin seeds kernel. They can prevent minerals from congealing in the urethra and be excreted out of the body along with urination to prevent kidney stones, and it can also allow calculus to be discharged better.

3. Taboos of Chinese pumpkin seeds

(1) Pumpkin seed kernels are suitable for patients with hookworm disease, worm disease, and ascariasis. If you have stomach heat, eat less. Otherwise, you will be more easily to suffer from abdominal distension.

(2) Generally, people can eat pumpkin seeds kernels, especially for those whose living environment is relatively poor or who are invaded by viruses and bacteria frequently. It is also suitable for people with prostatic hypertrophy and diabetic swelling of hands and feet. Pumpkin seeds kernels cannot be eaten with mutton, which will cause diarrhea and chest tightness. They can be eaten with betel nuts, which can repel roundworms and treat schistosomiasis effectively.

(3) Raw or cooked, the taste of pumpkin seeds kernel is different. In general, raw pumpkin seeds kernel is not as delicious as fried. However, raw pumpkin seeds kernels will benefit more than those cooked. Raw pumpkin seeds kernels are lower in calories, and their taste is more natural. People who are losing weight will like it.

The taste of pumpkin seeds kernel will be more acceptable when they are fried. However, excessive intake may lead to swollen gums or sore throat. Therefore, you can choose raw or cooked pumpkin seeds kernels according to your actual situation.

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