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The Effect of Goji Berry and the Correct Way to Drink the Goji Berry Water

Ⅰ. Benefits of Dried Goji berry wholesale

Goji berry, also known as wolfberry and red earrings, is the mature fruit of lycium barbarum and a small shrub of the Solanaceae family. Chinese goji berry has a long history of homologous medicine and food. It is a well-known precious Chinese medicinal material at home and abroad. It has the effect of anti-aging, which is also known as "Quelaozi" in Chinese. Goji berry contains a variety of amino acids, and special nutrients such as glycine betaine, zeaxanthine, and physalin which have the effects of regulating immunity, anti-aging, and regulating blood lipids.

1. Immune regulation

Go chi berry is rich in Lycium barbarum polysaccharides. Lycium barbarum polysaccharides is a water-soluble polysaccharide composed of six monosaccharide components: arabinose, glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose, and rhamnose. It has physiological activities and can enhance non-specific immunity and disease resistance.

2. Anti-aging

Immune senescence is closely related to cell apoptosis. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide (LBP) in goji berry can significantly improve the phagocytic function of phagocytes and the proliferation ability of lymphocytes.

3. Blood lipids regulation

Goji berry can effectively reduce the content of triglycerides and cholesterol in bodies of patients with hyperlipidemia. It can lower blood lipids and regulate lipid metabolism. In addition, it have a positive effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Resistance to radiation damage

Goji berry has the effect of resisting Y-ray radiation and protecting the body. It can be used as an auxiliary medicine to cooperate with anti-tumor treatments such as radiotherapy to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy, improve the curative effect, and protect human body's immune system. Inquiry dried goji berries wholesale

Ⅱ. The correct way to drink the goji berry water

1.The amount of goji berry

Generally, the amount of goji berry soaked in water is about 10g.

2. The number of goji berries that float or sink

According to Manda Foof dry fruits company, If most of the soaked goji berries can float on the water, and less than 20% of the goji berries remain at the bottom of the cup, the quality of the goji berries is not bad. Beisides, it can be beneficial for one's health. If too many goji berries sink to the bottom, there may be the deterioration of goji berries. Do not drink it, or damages may be caused to our body.

3. Water temperature

To drink goji berry water correctly, you need to control its temperature. If the temperature is too high, the nutrition involved will be destroyed. Therefore, we need to use warm water, the temperature of which is generally around 80°.

4. Sequence

Generally, it would be better to pour the water first and then put the goji berry in or the goji berry will be impacted.

5. Requirements on cups and the number of goji berry water

When making goji berries water, if a cup is used, do not cover it with a lid, because if the goji berry water is covered with a lid, it will not be delicious. Generally, soak it in water for 2 to 3 times. Don't soak it too many times or there will be nutriention loss the taste will be terrible in the later stage.

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