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The Benefits and Five Taboos of Eating Chinese Dried Jujube

1. Benefits of eating organic Chinese red dates

As the saying goes: "Three jujubes a day, youth never goes away", which by no means exaggerates the role of Chinese dried jujubes. Indeed, Chinese dried jujube is worthy of its title of "natural vitamin pill".

1) Chinese dried organic red date fruit contains lots of carbohydrates

Chinese dried jujube contains a lot of carbohydrates, including glucose, fructose and sucrose. Together with a large amount of vitamin C, riboflavin and carotene, they can improve our immune system.

2) Chinese dried organic red date fruit strengthens muscle and increase body weight

The experimental mice were given jujube decoction daily for 3 weeks. The weight gain was significantly higher than that of the control group. In the swimming test, their swimming time was significantly longer than that of the control group. It is shown that Chinese dried jujube can strengthen muscle and increase body weight.

3) Chinese dried organic red date fruit protects the liver

According to relevant experiments, after jujube decoction was fed to rabbits with carbon tetrachloride liver injury daily for 1 week, the serum's total protein and albumin were significantly increased compared with those of the control group. This indicates that jujube has the effect of protecting the liver.

4) Chinese dried organic red date fruit is anti-allergy

Ethanol extract from jujube can inhibit the production of antibodies against atopic diseases. In addition, it also has an inhibitory effect on reactive antibodies of mice, suggesting that jujube has an anti-allergic effect.

5) Chinese dried organic red date fruit calms and soothes the nerves with hypnotic and hypotensive effects

The nutritional value of Chinese dried jujube is high with vitamin P and C still being the highest, ranking first among all varieties of fruits. Vitamin C in fresh Chinese dried jujubes is 7 to 10 times higher than that of citrus, which is much higher than that of apples. Therefore, it is suggested that females should eat them more. Dried jujube fruit for sale at Chinese wholesale factory with high quality, inquiry now!

2. Five ways to eat organic Chinese red dates properly

Manda Food dry fruits company has been manufacturing dried fruits with many production lines for many years, we have some suggestions for you information.

1) Eating Chinese dried organic red dates in moderation

Excessive consumption of jujube dates will lead to excessive gastric acid secretion and abdominal distension. Regardless of the thin skin of jujube dates, it is difficult to digest. If you eat too many jujube dates, you will feel uncomfortable or even pain in your stomach. So when you eat jujube dates, be sure to chew it slowly, grind it in the mouth, and then swallow it to facilitate digestion.

In addition, Chinese dried jujubes are very sweet because of their high sugar content, so they are not suitable for diabetics. Too much sugar is easy to damages the teeth. If you eat too much of it and drink less water, it will easily lead to tooth decay. It is suggested that the amount of Chinese dried jujubes eaten daily should not exceed 50 grams.

2) Don't eat spoilt Chinese dried organic red dates

Fresh Chinese dried jujubes are not easy to store, and they will rot and deteriorate if you don't pay attention to its storage. When Chinese dried jujubes decay, they will give rise to a large number of bacteria and viruses, and the Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) enzyme in them will also decompose pectin to produce methanol and formic acid. Bad and spoiled Chinese dried jujubes can cause headaches and damage the eyes, and may even endanger life and safety in severe cases.

Therefore, for your health, don't eat even the slightly rotten jujube dates.

3) Don't cook Chinese dried organic red dates at high temperature

Many people like to cook porridge with Chinese dried jujubes and think that such porridge is nutritious and beneficial to health, but the fact runs contrary to what everyone thinks. Chinese dried jujubes contain a lot of rutin and a substance called cyclic adenosine phosphate. If they are cooked at high temperatures, these substances will be lost and jujube dates will become unfavorable for human absorption. Therefore, it is necessary to better preserve the nutrients in Chinese dried jujubes. Do not cook Chinese dried jujubes at a high temperature of over 80 degrees.

4) Chinese dried organic red dates cannot be taken with drugs

Chinese dried jujubes contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, if taken together with anti-fever medicines, they will form complexes that are not easily digestible, which will affect the efficacy of the medicine. Besides, if you take anti-fever medicine, do not eat Chinese dried jujubes. People with abdominal distension, toothache and constipation should not eat them, too.

5) Chinese dried organic red dates cannot be eaten with foods with a high protein content

When eating Chinese dried jujubes, it would be better not to eat them with foods with high protein content such as fish, shrimp, milk, and eggs. This is because the vitamins in Chinese dried jujubes will combine with protein to form congealed bodies that are not easily absorbed, which can lead to indigestion.

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