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Such good ingredients, is it not a pity to be overlooked? With this combination, the efficacy doubles

Legumes are rich in vitamins and minerals and low oil, but many people eat less of them in their diet than meat and eggs.

Beans that do their “job”

1. Red bean - Supplement vital energy and blood

Red beans contain a lot of potassium, dietary fiber and so on.It is also a good partner with a variety of foods, such as semen coicis, lotus root and taro.

2. Soybeans -Supplement protein

Known as the "longevity of the first bean", in the hundreds of natural foods in the forefront.Lecithin helps lower serum cholesterol and prevents fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease.It also can slow memory loss.

Peas -- Stress reduction

Not only rich in protein, but also rich in B vitamins,for people who in a state of high stress , eating more peas can be effectively improved.

When beans come into these foods

1. Beans + Grains = Meat

Lysine, which is low in grains, is low in legumes, while methionine, which is low in legumes, is abundant in grains.Therefore, the combination of grain and beans plays a good complementary role, which greatly improves the absorption rate of protein in the human body. Thus, there is a "rice and beans equals to meat".

2. Beans + Meat = Greasy solution

Through cooking, the phytic acid content in legume is reduced greatly, they won't affect human body to absorb mineral not only, still can increase the intake of protein, reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol.

3. Beans + Beans = double nutrients

Because different beans have different functions, so when beans and beans meet and are made into multigrain porridge, multigrain rice, and multigrain soy milk, they will show their own magic.But pay attention to the proportion of thick and thin.

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