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Should Walnuts Be Eaten Raw or Cooked?

Walnut is a kind of nut with a hard shell, which can be opened and has a pulp like "brain", and there are unsaturated fatty acids in walnut. How to eat walnut, raw or cooked?

Ⅰ. Is it better to eat walnuts raw or cooked?

Walnuts are good both raw and cooked.

1. The unsaturated fatty acids in raw walnuts are most completely absorbed by the human body, and have the functions of strengthening the brain, improving intelligence, anti-oxidation, and promoting eyesight.

2. The taste of cooked walnuts is fragrant, and the fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc. are more digestible, the digestive burden is small, and the bitterness is less, and the taste is better. Walnuts are non-toxic when eaten raw. Walnut itself is a common ingredient, sweet in taste, flat in nature, and without any toxicity. The main ingredients are fat, protein, moisture, carbohydrates, cellulose, minerals, vitamins, etc. The ingredients are conventional and common, so walnuts no matter what. It is non-toxic whether eaten raw or cooked.

Ⅱ. A little question about walnuts

Can raw walnuts taste bitter? Raw walnuts with no quality problems are bitter and can be eaten, but spoiled ones cannot be eaten. Walnuts are not poisonous. Both raw and cooked walnuts are edible. Raw walnuts have a bitter taste because the outer and inner skins of walnuts are rich in tannic acid and bitterness, so they taste bitter. Just remove the skin. That's it.

Are sun-dried walnuts ripe? Sun-dried walnuts are ripe walnuts, but raw. Walnuts have fresh fruit and dried fruit. Fresh fruit is just picked from the tree and has the outermost network shell; while dried fruit is dried fresh fruit, and then the surface network shell is removed to obtain a complete ripe walnut, this walnut. Dried fruits belonging to walnuts are not ripe, and the ripe ones need to be processed.

Are fried walnuts nutritious? Nutritious. Although the oxidizable components of the fried walnuts have suffered some losses, the main components such as oil, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins have been lost less, so most of the nutrients are still there, and eating cooked walnuts is also very nutritious. of.

How do walnuts separate and ripen? The extra processed walnuts are ripe, except for the removal of the network-like crust on the surface. Usually fresh walnuts have a sweet taste, soft texture, and taste like glutinous chestnuts; dried walnuts are lighter in taste, not strong in aroma, and slightly bitter in taste; and cooked walnuts are obtained after frying or roasting dried walnuts. The processed product is usually fragrant, and may also have other flavors such as cream and caramel. If you really can't tell the difference, you can ask the merchant or look at the packaging.

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