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Agricultural food-processing

Agricultural products processing is to produce animal and plant products and their materials for processing of various engineering technologies, also known as agricultural materials processing.The processing of agricultural products includes plant processing, animal processing and microbial processing according to the processing objects.Plant processing includes grain processing (rice processing, wheat milling, etc.), feed processing, seed processing, fruit processing, vegetable processing.And animal processing refers to oil processing (animal and plant oil processing), seafood processing, etc.Microbial processing refers to the brewing and fermentation technology, mushroom processing, etc.According to the processing technology, the processing of agricultural products can be divided into mechanical processing, that is, to remove the human can not directly use the part or change the appearance of agricultural products without changing its nature, such as hulling, powder making, oil, animal peeling, boning, cutting, etc.In addition, there is physical processing, such as drying, dehydration, puffing, freezing, atomization.Chemical processing, improve or extract the chemical composition of agricultural by-products with chemical methods, such as cottonseed oil or cake detoxification, the dry distillation of certain agricultural products, leaching, etc.Biological processing, the use of microorganisms or enzymes to change the chemical composition of agricultural by-products, such as fermentation, brewing, etc.With the development of science, most of the products of agricultural production can be processed into higher economic value and usable products.Therefore, agricultural scientists collectively refer to all products in agricultural production as agricultural by-products or agricultural materials, and agricultural by-products processing must have a broader prospect in the future.

Product advantage

Agricultural products microwave drying sterilization machine sterilization time is short, low temperature, uniform, product fragrance, bright color and lustre.In all kinds of production process, usually because of production conditions and process, often make microbial indicators of the product turn out, in some special applications will not be able to use, must be used to satisfy the sterilization process requirements, so we need sterilization for this product, and microwave sterilization technology is the best.In the process of microwave sterilization, the water content of the material has certain requirements, a kind of water content in 15%-18% of the product sterilization effect is the best.Completely meet the production requirements, the new treatment of the product with its high quality, health, high nutrition and won the majority of consumers welcome.

The technical standards

Strictly follow the requirements of processing and production technology operation

Rational use of agricultural inputs in accordance with regulations.A producer of agricultural products shall in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and the provisions of the competent department of fertilization under the State Council.Rational use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives and other agricultural inputs,It is forbidden to use agricultural inputs that are expressly prohibited by the state to prevent the use of agricultural inputs in violation of regulations from endangering the quality and safety of agricultural products.

Establish production records of agricultural products according to regulations.Enterprises producing agricultural products and specialized farmer cooperative economic organizations shall establish records of production of agricultural products, truthfully recording relevant information about the use of agricultural inputs, the occurrence and prevention of animal epidemics and plant diseases, insect pests and grass pests, as well as the jujubes of harvest.

Test the quality and safety status of the agricultural products. Enterprises and specialized farmer cooperative organizations shall test institutions by themselves or by entrusting , conduct testing on the quality and safety of the agricultural products, and shall not sell the products that do not conform to the quality and safety standards of agricultural products after testing.

Why does agricultural products processing need technical processed

The processing industry of agricultural products is an important way that runs through the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, connects the pre-production, mid-production and post-production of agriculture, and highlights the industrialization of agriculture, rural industrialization, rural urbanization and farmer organization. It has a very important strategic significance for coordinating urban and rural economic and social development and comprehensively solving the problems of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".

Developing agricultural products processing industry is a realistic need to ensure food safety in the new period.Second, it is the key link of agricultural industrialization management.The third is the important way to promote the strategic adjustment of agriculture and rural economy. The fourth is the main means to improve the international competitiveness of agriculture.And the fifth is the main channel for the transfer of surplus rural labor.

China's agricultural processing industry is facing many challenges in the development process, there are various problems.To continue to promote the development of agricultural processing industry, which can provide strong technical support is a crucial factor.Strengthen the innovation system of agricultural products processing technology and construction are imminent: First is to establish national agricultural products processing research institutions.

Second, a national agricultural product engineering center should be established.Third, we should increase the state's dedicated investment in agricultural products processing technology innovation system.Fourth, it is to strengthen agricultural product quality and safety and relevant policy research.Fifth, we should pay attention to the external environment and restrictive factors for the development of agricultural processing industry.

Significance of agricultural products processing

The processing industry of agricultural products is an important pillar industry for the foundation of the national economy and the protection of people's livelihood.

The processing industry of agricultural products has high industrial correlation, wide coverage, strong employ ability and intensive labor technology. It plays an important role in serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", strengthening county economy, promoting employment, expanding domestic demand, increasing export, and ensuring nutrition, health, quality and safety.

Agricultural product processing industry is a vane for strategic adjustment of agricultural structure and an important link in the construction of modern agriculture, an important way to promote farmers' employment and income, an important support for the construction of a new socialist countryside, and an important guarantee to meet the living needs of urban and rural residents.

The central government's policy focuses on supporting the development of agricultural products processing industry in major grain-producing areas and vigorously supporting the food processing industry, especially the processing industry with grain as the main raw material in major grain-producing areas.

We will support agricultural products processing enterprises in major grain-producing areas in importing and upgrading technologies and building storage facilities by means of discount interest from the government.

We will strengthen fiscal incentives for major counties that produce major agricultural products, and improve tax policies to support the development of agricultural processing industries.

In particular, the central government requires that the VAT policy of agricultural processing industry be improved as soon as possible, and that the pace of VAT transformation of agricultural processing industry such as food be accelerated in accordance with the unified deployment of VAT transformation reform.

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