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Golden/Yellow Raisins

Yellow Raisins - We Chinese commonly call it "Turn yellow on the tree".

Yellow raisins are what we often call "tree yellow". These raisins are usually made from Xinjiang grapes which grow in the sunshine for a long time and have a big temperature difference between day and night. They are made by natural drying and drying.

The fruit of yellow raisins must be ripe. Yellow raisins contain only 15-25% water and up to 60% fructose.Can be stored for a long time, can be eaten directly as a snack or in a pastry, some places cooking using raisin seasoning.

Yellow raisin is a very good snack, it is rich in fructose, glucose, the human body is easy to absorb, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of anemia.

Yellow Raisins
Yellow Raisins
Yellow Raisins
Yellow Raisins
Yellow Raisins

Benefits of Golden/Yellow Raisins

Function 1:improve body deficiency anemia, eat a handful of raisins every day, about 30~40 grams, adhere to 15 days, has a certain effect on improving body deficiency anemia.

Function 2: improve pale face, cold hands and feet, many women often have pale face, cold hands and feet symptoms, which may be the performance of mild anemia, a handful of raisins a day can help improve this symptom.

Function 3:promote digestion, raisins have the effect of promoting digestion.

Raisins contain tartaric acid, which AIDS digestion in the gastrointestinal tract.

Function 4:Lower cholesterol. Raisins can lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots and prevent cardiovascular disease.It also contains flavonoid components, have antioxidant effect, can remove free radicals in the body, anti-aging.

Specification of Golden/Yellow Raisins

Manda Food


Product Name

Yellow  Raisins

Product Type

Dried Fruit

Processing Type




Moisture (%)

Up to 15%

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Bulk or Customized

Edible Methods

Ready to be served

How to store raisins?

  • Cold storage: refrigerator freezer cold storage (weaken oxidation, various reactions).

  • Sealing: plastic film can be used to seal, extract air (mainly isolated water and oxygen, reduce fruit respiration oxidation).

  • Drying: desiccant, dehumidification facilities and equipment (to reduce water breathing, chemical reaction).

  • Avoid light: with opaque packaging

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Golden/Yellow Raisins
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