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Chinese Bulk Walnuts

The healthy and nutritional value of walnut is also getting more and more attention. As bulk walnut wholesale, our company provides high-quality walnuts at a reasonable price, which belongs to the brain-shaped nut with rich nutrients and has a good taste to meet the needs of consumers of different ages.


Walnut Varieties, Types Of Walnuts For Sale

As organic walnuts wholesale, we provide many types of high quality walnuts for sale, including raw walnuts, ground walnuts and drying walnuts with brain-shaped nut and skinless walnuts. All of these types of walnuts belong to organic walnuts without using any chemically synthesized pesticides. It is safe, healthy and nutritious.

Feature of Walnuts

Usually seen in the shell walnuts nor its pure natural fruit shape, fresh walnuts are light green, size and apricot, almost put the skins, after is the skin so hard and ravines crossbar walnut shell, shell knocked on the inside of the edible walnut kernel is a kind of spherical, fold, deep yellow brown thin skin and brittle, the nuts inside the white to slightly yellow.

Because of its rich output, wide planting area, and rich nutrition in our country, it has been dubbed as one of the "four big nuts", known as "intelligence god", "longevity fruit" and "long live son".

Buy Walnuts Good for Health Benefits 

Organic walnut is good for health with nice taste. Here are some benefits for them:

1. Enhance colon health: walnuts are a probiotic that helps keep the colon healthy and prevent colon tumors.

2. Reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease: Walnut is good for cholesterol by helping maintain blood vessel function, which is essential for cardiovascular patients.

3. Lower blood pressure: walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower bad cholesterol in the body. The walnut also lowers C-reactive protein and is good for heart.

4. The antioxidant: walnuts are high in antioxidants, so they can be added to your diet. It contains a lot of protein, so it is a good substitute for meat.

Storing of Walnut Dry Fruit

As one of the organic walnuts wholesales, we advise three methods of storing drying walnuts.

1. Sealed preservation method: Take a plastic bag with good quality and strong air-tightness, put the walnuts in, and then press out all the air as much as possible, and fasten it for storage. 

2. Refrigeration preservation method: Set the temperature of the refrigerator at about 5℃, and store the walnuts packed in the bag in the refrigerator.

3. Dry preservation method: Put the packed walnuts in a dry environment such as a cellar, and keep them ventilated and dry.

Specification of Walnuts

Manda Food


Product Name


Cultivation Type:

Common, open air


Light yellow

Processing Type




Place of Origin

Chinese mainland


100% of black walnut

Shelf Life

1 year

Max.Moisture (%)





25kg per bag or as buyer required

Payment&shipping terms

T/T, L/C


Premium walnut for Human Consumption

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