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Flower Kidney Beans
Flower Kidney Beans
Flower Kidney Beans
Flower Kidney Beans
Flower Kidney Beans
Flower Kidney Beans

Feature of Speckled Beans

  • Flower kidney beans are oval beans with a pattern on the outside. They are similar in shape to bird eggs, so they are called Egg beans and they are a healthy and creamy food. In fact, they are also called Speckled beans/Egg-bean/Colored kidney beans.

  • Flower kindy beans is due to high environmental requirements for growth and development to be a rare and high-quality bean in China.  is rich in nutrition, excellent health care effect, can strengthen the body.


From the perspective of nutrition content, protein content is higher than chicken, calcium content is more than 7 times, iron is 4 times, B vitamins are also higher than chicken.

Benefits of Speckled Beans

Some of the substances in the egg bean are absorbed by our body and help us to have a certain beauty effect.

1. Improves digestion

Contains a lot of dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal digestion, let the digestive function improve significantly, accelerate the human body to the food digestion and absorption.

2. Protect the heart

Regular use can prevent a decline in heart function, as well as prevent heart attacks and shutdown orders from a variety of heart attacks.

3. Prevention of cancer

It not only contains immunoglobulin, but also can improve the activity of T cells in the human body, and can prevent human cells from canceration and cancer cell reproduction, which can significantly reduce the incidence of cancer.

4. Enhance immunity

It has great benefits to improve human immunity and enhance human resistance to disease. Egg beans can also strengthen the body and have a significant relieving effect on the weakness of the human body.

Storing of Flower Kidney BeansSpeckled Beans

  • Not too close to the heat source to prevent mass changes.

  • Not against the wall on the ground to prevent mildew or insects.

  • Should not be stored at the same time with fish, meat and other high moisture. food, otherwise it will lead to water absorption.

Specification of Speckled Beans

Manda Food


Product Name

Speckled Beans

Processing Type




Moisture (%)


Place of Origin

Chinese mainland

Shelf Life

1 year


25kg per bag or as buyer required

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C

Supply Ability

400 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



Premium flower kindy beans for Human Consumption

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Speckled Beans
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