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Shelled Peanut

Peanuts, also known as long-life fruit. Peanut, as one of the traditional food popular with the common people. As a popular saying goes, can nourish and help prolong life, and are known as "plant meat" and "meat among vegetarians" like soybeans. "Eating peanuts often can keep you healthy."

The nutritional value of peanut is higher than that of grain, and it can be compared with some animal foods such as eggs, milk, and meat. It contains a lot of protein and fat, especially the content of unsaturated fatty acids is very high, which is suitable for the manufacture of all kinds of nutritional food.

Shelled Peanut
Shelled Peanut
Shelled Peanut
Shelled Peanut
Shelled Peanut
Shelled Peanut
Shelled Peanut

Benefits of Shelled Peanut

  • Peanuts contain a lot of linoleic acid, this substance can make the human body cholesterol decomposed into bile acid excretion, avoid cholesterol deposition in the body

  • The zinc content in peanuts is generally higher than that of other oil crops. Zinc can promote the development of children's brain, enhance the memory function of the brain

  • Peanut is rich in calcium, which can promote the bone development of children and prevent the occurrence of bone degenerative diseases in the elderly

  • contains a very strong biological activity of natural polyphenols - resveratrol. It is a natural chemoprophylaxis of tumor diseases

Specification of Shelled Peanut

Manda Food


Product Name

Shelled peanut

Cultivation Type:



White yellow

Processing Type




Place of Origin

Chinese mainland


100% of peanut

Food Additives


Max.Moisture (%)


Supply Ability

1000  Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month


24/28 28/32 34/38 38/42

Payment&shipping terms

T/T or L/C

Storing of Shelled Peanut

keep in a cool and dry place sealed, avoid high temperature and humidity

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Shelled Peanut
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