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Ormosia/Red Beans


Features of Ormosia

  • The Ormosia belongs to high protein, low fat high nutrition grain food, and contains protein, sugar, fat, dietary fiber, vitamin B group, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and other nutrients. Red beans are rich in iron, which can make people rosy, replenish blood, promote blood circulation, strengthen physical strength and enhance resistance. Vigna angularis.

  • The Ormosia is cylindrical, the surface is dark brownish red.

  • Strict quality control, professional constant temperature large capacity grain storage natural preservation storage. Every grain of food can be delivered from farm to kitchen table and fresh produce straight to your home for 365 days.

  • High safety standards, close integration of growth and processing (self-owned industrial chain + supply chain double insurance).

Benefits of Ormosia

It is suitable to be mixed with cereal into bean rice or bean porridge, generally made into bean paste or as raw material for cakes.

Cooking Ormosia congee. Cooked for a long time, it becomes sticky, so it's perfect for making the king of all desserts, red bean paste.

  • Ormosia are rich in iron, with the effect of tonifying blood, promoting blood circulation, increasing physical strength, and enhancing resistance, is the ideal food for anemia. Drink red bean soup to replenish the blood effect is excellent.

  • The lack of potassium in the body will cause the decrease of sugar content, which makes it difficult to control blood sugar. As a typical high-potassium food, red beans can help diabetic patients better control blood sugar.

  • Ormosia contains more dietary fiber, have good embellish bowel purge, fall blood pressure, fall blood fat, adjust the effect of blood sugar.

  • Ormosia can be a hangover, detoxification, heart and kidney disease, edema, and many other benefits.

Storing of Ormosia

Ormosia are legumes, which are relatively easy to store, as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place.

Specification of Ormosia

Manda Food


Product Name




Cultivation Type:


Product Style:

Kidney bean



Place of Origin

Chinese mainland


100% of Ormosia


25kg per bag or Customized

Max.Moisture (%)


Supply Ability

300  Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



Diameter 1-3mm

Payment&shipping terms

T/T, L/C


PremiumOrmosia for Human Consumption

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Ormosia/Red Beans
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