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Kismis and Bulk Raisin Wholesale

As a professional company in agricultural and sideline products, Manda Food has established its own factory and supplies different types of high-quality organic raisins with relatively low wholesale prices. Our Chinese raisins, especially the seedless sun dried raisin fruit from Xinjiang Turpan, are very popular among customers. 

Turpan is the main grape production base in China, with its total output accounting for 52.84% of Xinjiang's total and one-fifth of China's total.

Xinjiang Turpan seedless grapes made of raisins is the most famous, Turpan climate is hot and dry, with bricks made of the dark dry house on all sides of the wall there are many holes, the middle is a wooden stick into the bracket, will be ripe seedless grapes on the wind, after the hot, can get high-quality raisins soon.

Turpan's grapes are known for their juicy, sweet meat, thick skin, and thin skin, while raisins do exactly the opposite.

Turpan high temperature, sunshine time is long, large temperature difference between day and night, especially suitable for the growth of grapes, thereby foothills of melon and fruit, and because of the unique geographical location makes the Turpan groundwater reserves are abundant, so the fruit sugar is very high.

Different Types of Raisins From Raisins Factory

Manda Food, a reputable raisin company, has various types of raisins for sale, all with cheap wholesale price, very cost-effective per kg if buy in bulk. Our seedless organic black raisins are rich in vitamin C, the content of which is higher than that of other fruits. And our fragrant Xinjiang green raisins and delicious yellow raisins will definitely satisfy you.   

What is Raisins Dry Fruit?

Raisin dry fruit is achieved by the dehydration of grape fruits. The dried up fresh raisins by Manda Food, a reliable date, and raisin supplier, are high in sugar, full of nutrients. As raisin production places high requirements on climate, most raisin grapes are made from Iran, Turkey, California, and Xinjiang. Manda Food provides large or even giant mixed raisins for our customers. We also offer little small unsweetened raisins to meet various special needs.  

Raisins is a kind of food formed by dehydration of grape fruits by sun heat or artificial heating. It is high in sugar and is a typical high-energy nutrition product. Raisins are low in the water and easy to transport and store.

The most popular dried grape in the world is the green seedless variety seedless white. Other dried grapes are white rose and black Corinthian.

Almost all raisins in China are produced in Xinjiang, among which seedless white is the most important dry variety.

80% of the raisins in Xinjiang are green raisins, and the bright green color is the unique advantage of raisins in China.

Chinese Turpan Raisins
Xinjiang Chinese Raisins
Green Bulk Raisins for Sale
Green Bulk Raisins Wholesale
Black Organic Raisins Wholesale
Black Raisins Factory
Black Raisins Supplier

Bulk Raisins Wholesale Gallery

As a reputable company in healthy products, Manda Food sells mellow raisins in bulk, and customers are able to get relatively cheap price from us. Here are some pictures of our delicious dried grapes. The black raisins with the natural aroma of wine, nutritional green raisins, rich in glucose yellow raisins, etc.
Black Raisins Black Raisins

Black Raisins

The calcium content of Manta Food black raisins are the highest in fruits. As black raisins contain high proportion of minerals and vitamins, they are good for health and weight loss. Accompanied by the mellow dried grapes, every day seems fresh and energetic.
Dry Black Grapes Price
Green Raisins Green Raisins

Green Raisins

Green raisins, the precious “emerald”, is of thin skin and soft meat. As for the nutrients contained, the fragrant raisins are high in organic acid, glucose, minerals and vitamins. Making and Eating soaked green raisins at night, let go a whole day’s fatigue.
Green Kismis Price
Golden/Yellow Raisins Golden/Yellow Raisins

Golden/Yellow Raisins

Yellow Raisins - We Chinese commonly call it “Turn yellow on the tree”.Yellow raisins are what we often call "tree yellow". These raisins are usually made from Xinjiang grapes which grow i...
Golden Raisins Price

Advantages and Health Benefits of Bulk Dried Up Raisins

  • Improve the body's metabolic function and Anti-cancer

    Dried up raisins made of black and green grapes also contain resveratrol elements that are good for our health, which helps to inhibit the growth of tumor cells, inhibit the malignant transformation of cancer cells, fight and prevent cancer.  Dried up raisins are rich in iron, which helps promote hemoglobin regeneration, prevent anemia, improve pale complexion, warm cold hands and feet.  

  • Eliminate fatigue quickly

    Dried up high quality raisins contain higher calories, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and so on, which helps relieve fatigue, reduce neurasthenia symptoms, as well as have a good tonic effect on the body.  

  • Eliminate redundant adipose and lower cholesterol

    Studies have shown that raisins prevent blood clots better than aspirin. Dried up raisins lower serum cholesterol levels, and consuming raisins about 400 calories a day lowers cholesterol by 8%. Sun dried raisins also inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the blood, preventing blood clots and preventing cardiovascular disease, making blood stream unblocked, on the high side blood pressure drops, blood pressure returns normal

  • Clear the intestine and Eliminate obesity

    Dried up raisins contain fiber and tartaric acid, which allows waste to pass through the rectum more quickly, reducing the amount of time dirt stays in the intestine and improving the health of the rectum. Secondly, raisins contain flavonoids, which have antioxidant effects and can scour the body of free radicals and prevent aging.  

  • Make gastrointestinal function turn good, eliminate constipation

Types of Wholesale Raisins FAQs


What the Use of Raisin Grapes?

Kishmish type of raisins is rich in vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients. As dry kandhari kishmish fruit contains flavonoids helping with antioxidant function, so eating kishmish raisins make us more beautiful. In addition, kismis raisin grapes, good for weight loss and gain, can lower blood fats, aid digestion, and relieve constipation.  

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What the difference between raisins,kismis, dry grapes?

Kishmish can be seen as one type of raisins, the favorite of those who have a preference for sweet things. The major difference lies in the shape of kishmish. Unlike the big Munakka that is brown with seeds, Kishmish by Manda Food, a reliable company with its own factory mainly engaged in wholesale raisins, is seedless and relatively small in shape, and the color of Kishmish is yellowish-green. In terms of the difference between grapes and raisins, grapes contain more water (around 80%) than raisins (about 15%), while raisins have a stronger antioxidant capacity, 3 times that of grapes. However, more vitamins are contained in grapes, especially vitamin K, E, C, B1 and B2, and lesser amounts can be found in raisins.

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How Chinese Turpan Raisins are Manufactured?

Drying in the shade house: the climate in Turpan Basin is dry, with high temperature in autumn and hot dry wind the whole year. Shade houses are set on roofs or hillsides, 3 meters tall, 4 meters wide and 6 to 8 meters long. Made of adobe, the walls of shade houses are covered with ventilation holes. Inside, there are rows of wooden shelves on which ripe grapes are hung in clusters. The famous Xinjiang seedless green raisins are made by this method, with sugar content as high as 69.71% and acid content of 1.4-2.1%.  

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