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Phaseolus Calcaratus/Red Phaseolus Beans

Mandafood's bulk phaseolus calcaratus seeds are of high safety quality and health nutririons. Wholesale dried semen phaseoli & vigna umbellata directly from China factory, we can offer you with competitive dried phaseolus beans prices.

Red Phaseolus Bean
Red Phaseolus Bean
Red Phaseolus Bean
Red Phaseolus Bean
Red Phaseolus Bean
Red Phaseolus Bean

Feature of Red Phaseolus Bean

  • Red phaseolus bean, also known as red beans, red rice beans, can be medicine and food, one of the natural ingredients, rich in starch, so it is also known as "rice beans", was called "heart valley" by Li Shizhen.

  • Red phaseolus bean: It is the dried and mature seed of the leguminous plant adzuki bean. it was oblong and slightly flat, the surface purplish red, dull, or slightly shiny; The hilum has a linear projection on one side and an inconspicuous ridge on the other.

  • The protein of red phaseolus bean contains more lysine, so it has the function of promoting blood circulation and water metabolism. In addition, it contains a lot of fiber.

  • According to Compendium of Materia Medica 《Compendium of Materia Medica》, Red phaseolus bean is used as medicine for its small size and dark color, while it is larger and bright red and light color and does not cure diseases. Therefore, in the choice of Red phaseolus bean also want to have a trade-off.

Benefits of Red Phaseolus Bean

Nowadays, many people like keeping in good health, so a lot of food ingredients have become the first choice of the family of keeping in good health. The role of adzuki beans has many, many discomfort can also be alleviated by eating adzuki beans. 


It can relieve leg swelling and hand distension caused by insufficient transportation of the body and has a very good adjuvant therapeutic effect.


It is helpful to fill the heart and clear the heart fire, to the sore, abscess, have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, change the sore and discharge pus.


Red phaseolus bean has the effect of reducing blood viscosity and improving microcirculation, and can assist in lowering blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar.


Red phaseolus bean is an ideal high protein, multi-functional food, is an excellent health diet.

Storing of Red Phaseolus Bean

Pack in airtight boxes or bags and store in a cool, dry place.

Specification of Red Phaseolus Bean

Manda Food


Product Name

Red phaseolus bean

Scientific Name

Cicer arietinum Linn

Product Type

Kidney bean



Processing Type




Moisture (%)

Max 16%

Place of Origin

Chinese mainland

Shelf Life

1 year


25kg per bag or as buyer required

Delivery Time

Within 15 Days after Payment

Payment Terms

T/T or L/C

Supply Ability

500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



Premium Red phaseolus bean for Human Consumption

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Phaseolus Calcaratus/Red Phaseolus Beans
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