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Pearl Bean/White Kidney Bean/White Beans

White Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean

Feature of White Kidney Bean

  • White kidney bean is a kind of common edible bean in the world and is grown in all provinces and regions of China. because of the variety of flower and color is named. 

  • It has a variety of shapes, such as kidney shape, oval shape, flat shape, cylinder shape, and spherical shape. It is several times larger than soyabeans and can be called the crown of soyabeans. 

  • White kidney bean is a precious edible bean commonly used in western food. The granules are fat, neat, and shiny. They are the icing on the cake as a side dish and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.

  • Due to good soil and water and no pollution, They are the first-class raw materials for making bean paste, bean stuffing, bean cakes, high-grade candies, bean flour and soy milk, and the sought-after goods for export.

Benefits of White Kidney Bean

White kidney beans are high in potassium and low in sodium, so white kidney beans are suitable for people with heart disease and high blood fat. There is a lot of protein and fat in it. These nutrients are good for the human body. White kidney beans are also good for boosting appetite.


White kidney beans are nutritious and rich in protein and vitamins. As a home-cooked vegetable, it has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on loss of appetite.


Can effectively cooperate with the diet treatment of weight loss, so that they eat full, eliminate hunger, and postprandial blood sugar is not high, weight does not gain. Blocking most starch calories reduces the body's largest source of fat.


Can be made into bean paste, bean stuffing, but also can be used to do soup, roast meat.


The function of promoting gastrointestinal tract can help us effectively relieve gastrointestinal discomfort, because white kidney beans can help us promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is meaningful for detoxification.

Storing of White Kidney Bean

Keep in a cool and dry place sealed, avoid high temperature and humidity

Specification of White Kidney Bean

Manda Food


Product Name

White kidney bean

Scientific Name

Legume family

Product Type

Kidney bean

Processing Type



White color

Moisture (%)

Max 16.5%

Place of Origin

Chinese mainland

Shelf Life

1 year




25kg per box or as buyer required

Delivery Time

Within 15 Days after Payment

Payment Terms

T/T or L/C

Supply Ability

300 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



Premium white kidney bean for Human Consumption

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Pearl Bean/White Kidney Bean/White Beans
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