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Mung Bean
Mung Bean
Mung Bean
Mung Bean

Feature of Mung Bean

  • Mung bean, also known as green adzuki bean, is a leguminous, butterfly flower subfamily cowpea plants. It is now widely planted in East Asian countries and China is a major exporter of mung beans.

  • Mung bean is the traditional bean food of our people. Mung bean contains a variety of vitamins and other minerals, so it has good use value and has the saying of "the good grain for the world". 

  • Li Shizhen called it "the best food in the dishes." In the hot summer, mung bean soup is the most popular beverage for people to relieve the heat.

  • Mung bean is the traditional legume food of our people. Mung bean contains more vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other minerals than japonica rice. It is rich in nutrients and can be used in soybean porridge, soybean rice, soybean wine. 

Benefits of Mung Bean

The protein contained in mung bean is 22~26%, the content of 8 kinds of amino acids essential to human body in mung bean protein is 2~5 times that of grain, which is rich in complete protein such as amino acids.

Mung bean is rich in B vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, vitamin B2 is cereal 2~4 times and higher than pork, milk. calcium is cereal 4 times, phosphorus is eggs 2 times, also contains a variety of human body needed phospholipids.

  • Function1, can supplement water, but also timely supplement of inorganic salt, has important significance to maintain balance.

  • Function2, mung bean has significant lipid-lowering effect, can promote the decomposition of cholesterol in the body, accelerate secretion and reduce the absorption of cholesterol.

  • Function3,  the active ingredient of mung bean has anti-allergy effect, can assist in the treatment of urticaria and other allergic reactions, and has an inhibitory effect on staphylococcus.

  • Function4, protein, and phospholipid contained in mung beans can excite nerves and increase appetite.

Storing of Mung Bean

To store mung beans, dry them in the sun, then pack them in a plastic bag with a few cloves of garlic in the bag.

The edible method of mung bean:

Mung bean should not be cooked too rotten, lest make organic acid and vitamin are destroyed, reduce the effect of clearing heat and detoxification.

The texture is hard before cooking, but after cooking delicious sand waxy, porridge cooking is a delicious.

Specification of Mung Bean

Manda Food


Product Name

Mung bean

Scientific Name

Vigna radiata

Processing Type




Moisture (%)

Max 13%

Place of Origin

Chinese mainland

Shelf Life

1 year


25kg per bag or as buyer required

Delivery Time

Within 15 Days after Payment

Payment Terms

30% T/T in advance, B/L70%in balance

Supply Ability

500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



1% Max


Premium mung bean for Human Consumption

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Mung Bean
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