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Green Raisins

Green Raisins - It can be called "emerald".

Xinjiang green raisin crystal green, like spindles, particles are uniform. The skin is thin and seedless, the fruit is full, the meat is fine and soft, the taste is delicious, the aroma is fragrant, the flavor is unique. Rich in nutrition. No pesticide residue. It is also easy to carry and store.

The sugar content of Xinjiang green raisin is 78.2 ~ 81.1%, and it contains organic acid; Two percent, high in nutritional value. According to the determination, every 100 grams of seedless white grape berries contain glucose, fructose 22.5 ~ 25.5%, organic acid (mainly malic acid and tartaric acid) 0.5 ~ 1.5 grams, protein 0.15 ~ 0.9 grams, P, K, Ca, Fe and other minerals 0.3 ~ 0.5 grams, pectin 0.3 ~ 1.0 grams, Every 100 grams of dry material contains vitamin A0.02 ~ 0.12 mg, vitamin B10.25 ~ 1.25 mg, vitamin C0.43 ~ 12.3 mg, still have vitamin B6 and a variety of amino acids.

Green Raisins
Green Raisins
Green Raisins

Benefits of Green Raisins

Function 1: Green raisins are antioxidant,green raisins have a certain antioxidant effect, can play a role in removing free radicals in the body, can prevent wrinkles aging, dark spot formation, and can promote detoxification.

Function 2: Green raisins relieve fatigue. Through eating some raisins can play a role in alleviating fatigue, because raisins contain a lot of amino acids and a lot of minerals and vitamins.

For neurasthenia and excessive fatigue of the population is a certain regulatory effect.

Function 3: Raisins can improve anemia. Many people frequently, qi and blood deficiency, or appear the symptom of anemia, especially some of the children and women, and frail people, often can appear such circumstance, if appear this kind of circumstance is the need to pay attention to nutrition, to add iron yuan is critical, and in the raisins are rich in iron, so to improve the prevention of anemia has very good effect.For people who often appear anaemic and weak constitution, eating some raisins is very beneficial.

Specification of  Green Raisins

Manda Food


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Green Raisins

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Dried Fruit

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Moisture (%)

Up to 15%

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Edible Methods

Ready to be served

How to store raisins?

  • Cold storage: refrigerator freezer cold storage (weaken oxidation, various reactions).

  • Sealing: plastic film can be used to seal, extract air (mainly isolated water and oxygen, reduce fruit respiration oxidation).

  • Drying: desiccant, dehumidification facilities and equipment (to reduce water breathing, chemical reaction).

  • Avoid light: with opaque packaging

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Green Raisins
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