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Black Sesame

We at Manda Food are a leading manufacturer of sesame seeds and ship to worldwide markets. Our premium quality black sesame seeds are made of the best unhulled and hulled black sesame seeds. We produce different varieties of sesame seeds and can manufacture bulk amounts for various industries. Our special product is the natural black sesame seed that is considered very nutritious & can cure many body deficiencies. For more information about our services, please contact us!

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Feature of Black Seed and Black Sesame

  • Black sesame seeds,It was originally called flax. Sesame seeds are black and white. In addition to different colors, the shape and size of the same, flat and slightly elliptical, large on the top and small on the bottom, with edges.

  • Black in color and light in taste. After frying, a spoonful full, chewy has a light fragrance sweet, not bitter. 

  • which was introduced into China by Zhang Qian during his journey to the Western Regions in the Western Han Dynasty. It for medicine and food varieties. It has the effect of tonifying kidney and black hair. Long-term consumption, has the effect of medical care.

Storing of Black Seed and Black Sesame

keep in a cool and dry place sealed, avoid high temperature and humidity.

Benefits of Black Seed and Black Sesame

Black sesame contains A lot of fat and protein but also contains carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium, and other nutrients. It has the function of nourishing stomach, protecting liver, promoting red blood cell growth and black hair, beauty, and so on.

Function 1: It has the effect of skincare and beauty. Black sesame can keep skin tender, delicate, and smooth.

Function 2: Can resist aging, thus delaying the aging and beauty aspects of people, just played a great role.

Function 3: Rich in vitamin E, and vitamin E in addition to good antioxidant effect, but also has a good role in promoting the reproductive function of human body.

Function 4: Dual use of medicine and food, with "tonifying the liver and kidney, nourishing the five zang organs, nourishing the blood, moistening the intestines and dryness" and other effects, is regarded as a nourishing holy product. Black sesame seeds have a health care effect.

Specification of Black Seed and Black Sesame

Manda Food


Product Name

Black Sesame Seeds



Cultivation Type





100% of black sesame

Max.Moisture (%)

≤ 10%


Diameter 1-3mm

Payment&shipping terms

T/T or L/C at sight


Bulk or Customized

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Black Sesame
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