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Black Kidney Beans

Black Kidney Beans
Black Kidney Beans
Black Kidney Beans
Black Kidney Beans
Black Kidney Beans

Feaure of Black Kidney Beans

  • Black kidney beans, also called kidney beans, black flower kidney beans, granules fat, the size of more than a coin.

  • Black kidney beans granules are plump and fat, bright in color and rich in nutrition. It is an excellent raw material for making pastries, bean fillings and sweet soups. The whole body is covered with black meridian patterns.

  • Black kidney beans are very delicious and tender in taste. Stewed chicken with beef eye beans is not only delicious but also rich in protein and various vitamins. Beef eye beans are the best for fresh braised frying, steamed and then fried again.

Benefits of Black Kidney Beans

Black kidney beans medical analysis shows that kidney bean also contains saponins and other unique globulin components, which can improve the immune capacity of human blood, enhance disease resistance, promote the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid and other functions, and inhibit the development of tumor cells, so it has been attached great importance to by the medical field.

  1. Low fat content, vitamin A and potassium, can also prevent anemia, moisturize skin, protect eyes, consolidate teeth and bones, for anti-oxidation, anti-aging effect is very good.

  2. It is a tonic suitable for the old and young, and it is often used as a good nutritional product for those who are sick for a long time or old people with weak body.

  3. High medicinal value. Ancient Chinese medical records, taste Ganping, has the function of warming the middle and lower qi, benefiting intestines and stomach, stopping hiccup, nourishing kidney and reinforcing yuan, is a kind of nourishing food.

  4. It is also a kind of food with high potassium and low sodium, which is very suitable for patients with heart disease and salt avoidance. It has a certain effect on the treatment of stomach cold and vomiting, injury, wheezing cough, lumbago, and neuralgia.

Storing of Black Kidney Beans

Not too close to the heat source to prevent mass changes.

Specification of Black Kidney Beans

Manda Food


Product Name

Black kidney beans

Product Type

Kindy bean

Processing Type





Natural color

Moisture (%)


Place of Origin

Chinese mainland

Shelf Life

1 year


25kg per bag or as buyer required

Payment Terms

T/T or L/C

Supply Ability

300  Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



Premium Cows eye beans for Human Consumption

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Black Kidney Beans
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