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Plant protein - besides animal protein is plant protein, human can not be missing protein nutrition

Global protein consumption has increased by more than 45 percent since 2000 as a growing middle class increasingly seeks health benefits from the food they eat. However, protein is difficult for many consumers to understand, specifically in the lack of protein knowledge, such as what protein is, how much they need, which sources of protein are high in content, and even whether these sources have good nutritional quality, etc.

Proteins are made up of amino acids

Our bodies use amino acids as the building blocks of protein, and they combine to create chains of peptides that line up and fold into specific structures. Proteins play a structural, functional role in every cell of our body, such as skin, organs, muscles, and bones.

Of the 20 amino acids, 11 are non-essential amino acids that are synthesized by the body and do not need to be provided through our diet. The other nine amino acids, because they are not synthesized by the body, must be provided through our diet as essential amino acids.

Beans contain a lot of protein

  • It is very digestible

    It delivers more essential amino acids to the body per gram of protein than any other protein source

  • Protein is absorbed fast and promotes muscle growth better than other protein sources.

     Definitely delicious and nutritious products, many of which are good sources of protein.

    For the central nervous system, proteins act as primers, enhancing conditioned reflex activity while reducing fatigue and thus improving exercise performance.

    Such a large protein demand can not be met solely by daily dietary supplements, so in addition to dietary nutritional supplements, high-quality protein supplements are also essential to drink.

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