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Our History


Our Aim is to Introduce and Assert a New Approach and Know-how in the Processing of Healthy Food. Proudly bringing the unique taste of healthy food to the world over many years

  • 2001's

    All the way back in the PAST 20 YEARS, on the 21th May 2001 to be precise, In order to change the living conditions of poverty and the livelihood of the family, a young man had to start selling farmers' work-food.

  • 2005's

    In 2005, the chairman,000, established an agricultural and sideline product outlet, specializing in the acquisition and sales of agricultural and sideline products and the establishment of a group of 3 individuals.

  • 2011's

    Established MANDA FOOD Company, the company employs 15 people, dealers and manufacturers throughout the country.

  • 2014's

    After 4 years spent developing the export market for Agricultural products in China, Manda food is now exporting product to up to twenty countries.

  • 2019's

    Successfully established four mature production lines, mature sales mechanism, mature after-sales service team, the company 152 people work together, so that the company on the road to success farther and farther, the road wider and wider.

Building 10, Binhai Information Security Industrial Park, Tanggu Ocean Science and Technology Park, Binhai High-tech Zone, Tianjin, China.