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Nutritional Value and Storage Methods of Goji Berry

Ⅰ. Nutritional value and storage methods of goji berry wholesale

The nutritional value of goji berries: The goji berry and wolfberry are rich in carotene, vitamins A1, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron and other essential nutrients which are essential for eyes, so it is commonly known as eyes clearing food. Ancienr Chinese pharmacist often use the goji berries to treat vision fainting and night blindness caused by deficiency of liver and kidney. The famous prescription called lycium-rehmannia pill takes the goji berries as the main raw material. People also used to take goji berries to treat chronic eye diseases, and the goji berries steamed eggs is a simple and effective dietary prescription.

The lycium barbarum pigment refers to all kinds of color substances in goji red berries which is an important physiological active component of goji berries. It mainly contains beta-carotene, small amounts of lutein and other colored substances. The goji berries pigment can improve the immune ability, prevent tumor formation and atherosclerosis and so on. The goji berries have the effect of improving body immunity, reinforcing energy, nourishing liver and kidney, anti-aging, quench thirst, warm the body and anti-tumor.  Choose Manda dry fruits manufacturer for more types of bulk prices.

Ⅱ. Storage method of goji berry wholesale

Ethanol storage method: mix the goji berries with ethanol spray, and then put it in a non-toxic plastic bag, exhaust the air, seal it, and files on demand. This method can prevent insects from maintain its bright color as fresh products.

Plastic bag vacuum preservation method: put small jute bag with quicklime into the plastic bag, and then remove impurities goji berries into the plastic bag, bake seal the mouth of the plastic bag, out of the air in the bag, store in the shade. Using this method, it is necessary to check at any time to prevent air leakage. In addition, the lime should not be too much, depending on the water content of goji berries and other conditions.

Refrigeration method: to preserve the goji berries medicinal materials into 0~4℃ refrigerator or other refrigeration equipment,which is a simple and practical storage method. If you often use them, you just need to use a bottle that can be tightened, and pour the goji berries into the bottle, close the lid, and store it in the refrigerator or in the shade.  Choose Manda food as your goji berry supplier.

Ⅲ. Tips for picking Chinese goji berries

1. Look at the moderate color, which the colour is not too red, dried black goji berry with equal size is good.

2. Take a handful and smell it. Normal goji berries don't have a sharp, bitter taste. If it doesn't taste right, there's the possibility of chemical additives.

3. The good goji berries which feel slightly astringent, not wet and not smooth.

4. Taste one, the good goji berries taste slightly sweet and are not astringent or bitte.

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