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Is the Walnut Shell Black Edible? How to Choose Walnuts?

Walnut is a common nut, rich in high-quality fat and high in nutritional value. The shell of some walnuts is covered with a layer of black material. Can this walnut be eaten?

Ⅰ. Is a walnut with shell black edible?

This depends on the situation. If it is the outermost hard shell, the outer layer of black skin is the walnut fruit that has not been washed, but is naturally separated from the bone and attached to the shell. If the pulp is good, then it can be eaten. If the skin of the walnut kernel inside the walnut is a little black, but the skin is good and the color of the normal walnut kernel, then it is also edible. However, if the skin of the walnut is black and the inside is abnormal, it is best not to eat it.


Ⅱ. Are fresh walnut shells toxic?

poisonous. The green skin on the outside of fresh walnuts is poisonous and contains alkaloids. If eating walnut skins in excess of a certain amount, alkali poisoning will occur. Some people with sensitive skin may also experience allergic reactions when their skin comes into contact with walnut peel. In addition, the juice of the walnut skin has a dyeing effect, and the skin will turn black and yellow after contact with the skin. Therefore, if you must touch the walnut skin, remember to wear isolated items such as gloves, and try to avoid direct contact with the walnut skin.

Ⅲ. How to choose walnuts?

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1. Look at the patterns. Look at the patterns on the walnut skin. If the patterns are relatively numerous and shallow, it must be a good walnut. Because this pattern delivers nutrients to the walnut during its growth, the more the pattern, the more nutrients the walnut will absorb.

2. Smell the walnuts. Many walnuts sold in the market have been bleached with bleach, which looks good, but harms consumers. Because the shell of walnut is not completely sealed, soaking for too long will easily lead to bleaching powder water entering the inside of walnut, thus endangering the health of consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to smell walnuts. If there is a clear fragrance or no taste, this type of walnut can be purchased. If there is a smell of bleaching powder or a musty, sour and other odor, it is best not to buy it.

3. Weigh the measure in your hand. Take the walnut in your hand and weigh it. If the walnut is relatively heavy, nine times out of ten, it is a good walnut. Don't just look at the size, think more about the weight of the walnut. Some large walnuts have blind kernels inside, while many very small walnuts have full kernels.

4. Observe the walnut kernels. Pick a walnut at random, smash it open, and observe the walnut inside. If the yellow skin on the outside is bright and full, then this walnut must be a good walnut. If the walnut kernel is black or brown or has dark spots, it is better to buy less of this walnut.

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