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Is It Necessary to Wash Raisins Before Eating Them

1. Eat raisins with water

Many people especially like to eat raisins. Especially during the festival, every family will go to the dried fruit store to buy a few kilograms of raisins. When they have nothing to do at home, they eat raisins while watching TV. It is really comfortable. But do you know the correct way to eat raisins? You must wash the raisins before eating them, or you will eat a mouthful of ash. I believe many people have struggled with whether to wash raisins before eating. Everyone has different answers. Some people think they do not need to wash. After all, raisins are a kind of pure natural food. They are made of grapes taken directly from the shelf and dried in the sun. Choose Manda dry fruits manufacturer, They do not add any pesticides or preservatives. Why wash them then eat?

2. Why wash raisins before eating?

Some people think that during the drying of raisins, there must be a lot of dust gathering on the surface of raisins. And usually when you buy bulk raisins in the store, you will see that the merchant directly sprinkles the raisins on the shelf without wrapping the plastic film. Some people will grab it with their hands when they buy it. If you eat it without washing, why do not you eat a lot of bacteria?

In fact, there are two methods of raisins on the market. Some people take down the grapes directly to dry, and others are made by machine. Whether raisins made by air drying or in the machine, it is best to wash once before eat them. Many local people who produce raisins pay more attention to their eating methods. The elderly and children at home eat raisins in this way: First, put a bowl of raisins in the bowl, and then prepare a basin of water in the other bowl and pour the raisins into the water.

Some people are impatient. They rinse the raisins in clean water and take them out directly. In fact, at this time, the microorganisms attached to the raisins have not been cleaned, so they can pour in some starch or flour and keep stirring. Finally, you can pour in some edible salt and stir it for two minutes. Then pour out the basin of water and rinse it with clean water until there is no white sediment. If you think the raisins after washing feel sticky when eating, you can dry clean the grapes and put them on a paper towel and dry them in the sun. Although this is a little troublesome, it is very clean and has the feeling of making raisins yourself.

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