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How to Eat Goji Berry Effectively?

In daily life, goji berry is a very common tonic, everyone knows that the goji berry is worthy because of its high nutritional value. Many friends like adding goji berries to tea water or porridge. So how to eat the goji berries at its best effect? 

Ⅰ. Get to know the goji dried wolfberry for sale

The goji berry is the mature fruit of the goji berry Solanaceae plant. Pick the mature fruit in summer and autumn, remove the stalk, put in the shade until airing to the skin wrinkles, and then expose to the sun until the pericarp is dry and hard and the flesh is soft. In case of rainy days it can be dried with light fire. The Chinese goji berry has a variety of health care effects, which is approved by the Ministry of Health of China as both food and medicine. Moderate consumption of the goji berries is good for health, matched with chrysanthemum drinking together has the effect of removing liver-fire for improving eyesight.  Inquiry Manda Food dry fruits factory for bulk goji dried wolfberry.

Ⅱ. How to eat the go chi berry at its best effect?

1. Use a handful when cooking vegetables or porridge. The Ningxia goji berry is rich in a variety of trace elements and vitamins which can nourish Yin and enhance immunity, but it's only valuable if you take it consistently, not once or twice. Drinking water with the goji berries is the most common thing that is beneficial to your health, but most of the vitamins contained in the goji berries are water-soluble, easy to be destroyed in heat.So it is recommended to soak the dried Chinese wolfberry fruit first, and then put a little goji berries as ingredients when cooking vegetables, porridge, or steamed buns and boiled dumplings.

2. Eat the goji berries like normal food. The goji berries are rich in carotene, vitamins A1, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron and other essential nutrients which are good for eyes, so it is commonly known as eyes brightening food. Ancient Chinese doctors often use the Chinese goji to treat vision fainting and night blindness caused by iver-kidney depletion. The better way to eat the goji berries is to eat it like ordinary food, you can put it into the porridge, soup and dishes which is not only nourishing, but also won't suffer from internal heat. However, the goji berries are not suitable for everyone, those who are weak and have poor resistance can eat more.

3. Add some when you whip the soy milk. Goji berries have recently been found to have anti-aging properties in recent British research. A lot of people drink the goji berries in water, but was not recommended to do. Because the vitamins and carotene of the goji beries are difficult to be completely absorbed with a simple soak. When you use a soybean milk machine to grind soybean milk, put in a small handful of goji berries to make full use of the nutrients and trace elements contained in the goji berries.

4. It's better to direct use mouth chewing. When using the goji berries in water or soup, the medicine effect can not be fully developed. Due to the influence of water temperature, soaking time and other factors, only a little part of the medicinal ingredients in goji berries can be released into water or soup. When you chew the goji berries with mouth directly, the absorption of the nutrients in the goji berries will be more sufficient and more conducive to the health care effect of the goji berries. But when chewing the goji berries, pay attention that you cut amount in half, otherwise it is easy to overnourish.

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