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Foods That Should Not Be Eaten with Mung Beans

Ⅰ. What food can't be eaten with mung beans?

1. Mung bean + Torreya: Torreya is warm and easy to get heaty if you eat a lot. Eating mung beans can remove heatiness. Logically speaking, the two ingredients complement each other, however, they can't be eaten at the same time. If you eat mung beans and Torreya together, it is easy to be poisoned after eating and even cause death.

2. Mung beans + tomatoes: Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins, and mung beans also contain multiple vitamins. There is no problem in eating the two separately. However, if tomatoes and mung beans are eaten together, it will hurt your body, so be careful.

3. Mung beans + carp: Carp soup is very nutritious, and braised in brown sauce is also delicious, but mung beans and carp should never be eaten together.

4. Mung beans + dog meat: Eating dog meat in winter is very nutritious, because dog meat is of hot nature. But it is not able to be eaten with the mung beans, otherwise, it will cause discomforts such as stomach swelling and pain, and even vomiting and poisoning.

Ⅱ. What kind of people is unfit to eat mung beans?

1. The elderly and children should not eat the mung beans. The intestines and stomachs of the elderly and children are relatively sensitive and fragile, so mung beans as a cold food are indeed not good for the elderly and children to eat too much. Therefore, in the summer, if you have old people and children in your family who want to have the mung bean soup, make sure to tell them to eat in moderation. If they really want to eat it, they can just have soup instead of eating beans.

2. Keeping warm during menstruation is the most important thing for women. If you have too many mung beans, it is likely to cause physical pain, abdominal pain and other symptoms. If you are a woman with dysmenorrhea, you should pay more attention to avoid eating them. You can't eat mung beans or have mung bean soup.

3. Mung beans have cold nature, in addition, mung beans also have antidote properties. People who are slightly poisoned can detoxify by drinking mung bean soup. You need to be aware that if you are taking medicine recently, whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, the properties of mung beans will decrease the medicinal effects. Therefore, people who take medicine are unfit for eating mung beans.

4. Mung beans are of cold nature, and we all know that people with poor digestion should eat less food with cold nature. It also works for people with poor gastrointestinal conditions and gastrointestinal disorders to avoid having mung beans or the mung bean soup. Otherwise, it will cause diarrhea and even get worse.

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