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Effects and Eating Methods of Fava Beans

The fava beans are also called broad beans and horse beans. It is used as food, vegetables and feed, and green manure. What are the effects and functions of fava beans? How to inquiry broad beans seeds for sale at competitive price now.

Ⅰ. The effects and role of fava beans

1. Delay arteriosclerosis. Vitamin C in fava beans can delay arteriosclerosis.

2. Lower cholesterol. The crude fiber in the fava bean hull has the effect of lowering cholesterol and promoting intestinal motility.

3. Cancer prevention. The fava bean is also one of the anti-cancer foods, which has a certain effect on the prevention of bowel cancer.

4. Replenish qi and invigorate the spleen. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the fava bean can replenish the qi and invigorate the spleen, and induce diuresis and reduce edema.

5. Invigorate the brain. The fava bean can regulate the important components of the brain and nerve tissues such as calcium, zinc, manganese, phospholipids, etc., and is rich in chostone, which has the effect of enhancing memory and invigorating the brain.

6. Promote bone growth. The calcium in fava beans is beneficial to the absorption and calcification of calcium by bones and can promote the growth and development of human bones.

7. Prevent cardiovascular disease. The fava beans are rich in protein and contain no cholesterol, which can improve the nutritional value of food and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Ⅱ. How to eat fava beans?

1. The fava beans can be boiled, deep-fried, or fried, but you should not eat too many fava beans to prevent the stomach from swelling and hurting the spleen and stomach.

2. If it is made into fava bean sprouts, the taste is more delicious.

3. The fava bean flour is the raw material for making vermicelli, noodles, etc. It can also be processed into sweet bean paste to make pastries.

4. The fava beans can be steamed and processed to make canned food, and can also be made into soy sauce, bean paste, sweet sauce, chili sauce, etc., and can be made into various small snacks.

5. The fava beans should not be eaten raw. Raw fava beans should be soaked several times and then boiled.

6. Dehulling fava beans: Put the dried fava beans in a ceramic or enamelware, add an appropriate amount of alkali, pour boiling water for a minute, and then peel off the fava bean hulls, but the peeled fava beans should be washed away with water to remove the alkali flavor.

Ⅲ. Can fava beans be eaten raw?

The fava beans cannot be eaten raw.

The fava beans will easily influence the spleen and contain β-cyanoalanine and L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine which are harmful to the human body. They cannot be eaten raw. Raw fava beans should be soaked or blanched many times before cooking. Then toxic substances can be eliminated at high temperatures. If raw fava beans are eaten, symptoms of poisoning will occur.

Ⅳ. What should you do if you're allergic to fava beans?

If you have allergic symptoms from eating fava beans, you should stop eating fava beans immediately. You can relieve allergic symptoms by inducing vomiting, drinking a lot of water to promote defecation, etc. If necessary, take some anti-allergic drugs or use a topical ointment or other anti-itching and anti-inflammatory products for treatment. If the situation is too serious, it is best to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time. In addition, these people should no longer eat fava beans in the future.

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