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  • When is It Good to Eat Jujube? 14 2022 Sep Eating jujube has a good health care effect, and it is not advisable to eat too much every day. So is there any way to say the time to eat jujube every day? When is the best time to eat jujube?1. Time... DETAILS
  • Learn About the Nutritional Value of Dates 07 2022 Sep 1. The nutritional value of jujubeJujube contains protein, fat, amino acids, organic acids, trace elements, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin P; The sugars contained are mainly glu... DETAILS
  • What Are the Functions and Effects of Jujube? 08 2022 Aug Ⅰ. Understanding jujubeJujube, also known as red jujube, is a temperate crop with strong adaptability. The dried and ripe fruits, roots and bark of jujube can be used as medicine. The fruits are harv... DETAILS
  • Is the Walnut Shell Black Edible? How to Choose Walnuts? 22 2022 Jul Walnut is a common nut, rich in high-quality fat and high in nutritional value. The shell of some walnuts is covered with a layer of black material. Can this walnut be eaten?Ⅰ. Is a walnut with shell... DETAILS
  • Should Walnuts Be Eaten Raw or Cooked? 08 2022 Jul Walnut is a kind of nut with a hard shell, which can be opened and has a pulp like "brain", and there are unsaturated fatty acids in walnut. How to eat walnut, raw or cooked?Ⅰ. Is it better... DETAILS
  • What Are the Functions of Walnuts? 08 2022 Jun The weather is getting colder and colder, and it's better to peel a few walnuts and eat them while staying at home watching TV. Most people only eat walnuts, and thinking about it now is really a ... DETAILS
  • The Benefits of Eating Walnuts and How to Eat Them 01 2022 Jun Walnut is a very common nut in life. It has delicious taste and rich nutrients, and is liked by many people. So what are the ways to eat walnuts?Ⅰ. The benefits of eating walnuts1. Relieve stress: Ea... DETAILS
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