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Company Culture

Manda Food was founded in 2001, mainly engaged in agricultural and sideline products, healthy food, the company has always adhered to the principle of sincere and kind treatment of every customer, so as to treat each other in good faith, sincerely serve customers, give customers the best service, just to create our brand "Manda Food" today.

Manda Foods, located in Tianjin Binhai New area, covers an area of about 22000 square meters and has a registered capital of 10 million yuan.

Enterprise Purpose

Sincerity is our company's business purpose; Compared with other companies, we only take these four words as our corporate tenet. Although we are the seller, we are also the buyer, we are willing to cooperate with the enterprise we also choose a sincere enterprise, sincere and kind-hearted sales staff to cooperate, we know that only a sincere enterprise, kind-hearted employees can give us the most sincere recommendation. The reason why we ask others to do so is that our company and employees can do it.

Corporate Vision

Bring health to every household

In the food industry, now people for health, for the health of the standard is higher and higher.

Animal protein has occupied a dominant position in people's life, but due to air pollution, water pollution and climate, the quality of animal protein is becoming lower and lower, and the production is becoming less and less. Of course, we can not ignore the nutrition of plant protein, we provide soy products, is to bring plant protein nutrition to thousands of homes, health to thousands of homes.

Business Philosophy

In spite of the benefits involved in establishing comfortable working relationships with customers and our suppliers, what could be more enjoyable than a comfortable working relationship?

This also diffracted to our company's enterprise tenet.

Enterprise Spirit

Self-consciousness - our company advocates self-consciousness culture, self-consciousness is the first requirement for employees, self-consciousness goes to work on time, self-consciousness works, self-consciousness completes own duty work, self-consciousness seeks more work opportunities, self-consciousness moves upward.

Responsibility - it's a simple responsibility to do your job well and love what you do.

The courage to bear, to take on the development of the enterprise, is an important responsibility, is the soul of the enterprise.

Diligence - not procrastination, not ink, study, practice, serious, practical do everything at hand.

Fortitude - strong will, always have the heart to take on difficult tasks, with a durable determination.

Service Philosophy

Sincerity - sincerity, honesty. Consider the problem carefully, deal with the problem from the smallest to the best.

Efficient - fast, efficient, perfect results.

Professional - with a high level of business knowledge and technology, service standards, standards.

Quick - think what the customer wants, what the customer needs, quick response, quick action.

Quality Philosophy

Regard product quality as the life of our enterprise.

Set up "quality first, customer first" strong consciousness, treat the product quality is never satisfied, strive for perfection.

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