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Can Pregnant Women Eat Mung Beans? What Are the Precautions?

Mung bean is one of the common food in our life. Mung bean that we eat is the seed of mung bean, which is named for its green color. Mung bean soup is a regular summer drink for families. It is suitable for all ages. Traditional mung bean products include mung bean cake, mung bean wine, mung bean cake, mung bean sand, mung bean powder, etc. Mung bean is rich in protein and a variety of nutrients. It also has many medicinal effects. It can help the human body avoid being heaty. According to Manda mung bean factory, can pregnant women eat mung bean? What should pregnant women pay attention to when they eat mung beans?

I. Can pregnant women eat mung beans?

Pregnant women can eat mung beans, but they can't eat mung beans for a long time. Mung beans are rich in starch, fat, protein, vitamins, zinc, calcium and other minerals. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung beans are sweet and cold in nature, and have the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, relieving summer heat and thirst, promoting water and swelling. Pregnant women can eat mung beans properly in summer to eliminate fetal poison and supplement nutrition. It is a good food therapy for pregnant women to supplement zinc and prevent pregnancy edema.

II. Benefits of mung beans for pregnant women

1. Improve resistance: mung beans are rich in high-quality protein. Eating mung beans for pregnant women can supplement high-quality protein, improve body immunity, enhance their own resistance and reduce physical fatigue.

2. Enhance appetite: mung beans are rich in phosphorus. Eating mung beans for pregnant women can supplement phosphorus, promote nerve excitement, supplement energy, maintain vitality, and improve appetite.

3. Improve constipation: mung beans are rich in dietary fiber. Pregnant women eat mung beans to supplement dietary fiber and moisturize their intestines and stomach, which can promote defecation and detoxification and improve the common constipation symptoms of pregnancy.

4. Urination and dampness: mung bean is conducive to urination and dampness removal. Pregnant women eat mung bean to promote urination and dampness removal and reduce body edema.

5. Eyesight: mung beans are rich in potassium. Pregnant women eat mung beans and supplement potassium, which can maintain the basic metabolic rate of the body and improve eyesight.

6. Calcium supplement: mung beans are rich in calcium. Pregnant women eat mung beans to supplement calcium, which can also protect the health of bones.

III. Precautions for pregnant women to eat mung beans

Mung beans have many benefits, but they are cold food after all. Pregnant women should pay attention to the following matters when eating mung beans:

1. Mung beans are cold in nature. Pregnant women with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more. Patients with diarrhea cannot eat mung beans.

2. If pregnant women are taking drugs, especially some warm tonic drugs, they should avoid eating mung bean food to avoid reducing the efficacy.

3. Undercooked mung beans have a strong fishy smell and are prone to nausea and vomiting after eating. Pregnant women should avoid eating undercooked mung beans.

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